Lost Cowboy Tattoo - Santa Fe, NM | Owen Lostetter Bio
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Owen_BioAs a teenager in the 90’s Owen developed a special interest in tattoos and began designing and redesigning the tattoos he imagined he’d eventually get covered in.  It wasn’t until age 17 though that he’d get his first.  It was performed on a kitchen table by a friend’s cousin.  The tattoo could have been better, could have been worse, but from then on Owen was completely infatuated with tattooing.  He got some equipment and began tattooing his own body, and those of willing friends and family who would give up there own for the cause.  He had decent success for an 18 year old scratcher, but being somewhat of a perfectionist, and feeling intimidated by the huge responsibility of marking bodies for life, he put down his machines and focused on higher education.


After earning a certification in the field of computer animation in 2003, he went on to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of New Mexico in 2006.  It wasn’t until a dear friend asked Owen, implored him really, to tattoo him in 2009 that he became completely overwhelmed and obsessed with tattooing again.  After that tattoo there was no turning back. Working out of his house, he began building and tuning tattoo machines and scraping together whatever knowledge he could to improve his understanding.  Eventually it became clear to Owen that if he were to become a professional at this game he would have to seek guidance, and make connections in the tattoo world.  Pursuing that intention he got more than what he bargained for, gaining a great friend AND a great teacher.


In 2010 Owen met Guido Baldini who was working out of Mark Vigil’s Four Star Tattoo, in Santa Fe, with other talented and friendly tattooers.  Guido and Owen became fast friends and Guido took Owen under his wing, becoming mentor and apprentice respectively.  Because of Owen’s previous practice in tattooing, and Guido’s good faith in his artistic talent, he hit the ground running… making tattoo needles, performing shop duties, and tattooing under Guido’s mentorship and guidance.  In April 2013 Guido decided it was time to open his own shop, and with Owen behind him and a unique vision he opened Lost Cowboy Tattoo.  The move couldn’t have been better for the both of them.


Guido and Owen work well together, and because of Guido’s high standard and worldly knowledge of tattooing he pushed Owen to progress quickly.  By pursuing the fine arts instead of immediately jumping into the tattoo world, Owen was able to develop invaluable artistic skills and knowledge that he is only now reconciling with the distinct art of tattooing.  He continues to study the fundamentals of solid traditional tattooing i.e. Japanese, American/British, Tribal, etc… while dreaming of new ways to push himself and the medium even farther.  Owen enjoys tattooing anything that invariably comes up from the unique collaboration between himself and the client, but he can really sink his teeth into bold and illustrative color work. So Owen remains a humble student of the art, grateful to be doing the thing that he loves, grateful for his teachers, and grateful for the people who trust him to put permanent art on there bodies, day in day out.